Our aim is to facilitate access to
training and employment in the
digital, creative, health and social
care sectors in East London.

Research and Development

The ELVET Programme uses emerging research on social ecosystem thinking to underpin its work in east London. The first ELVET Programme Research Briefing Education, skills and employment in East London: an ecosystem analysis proposed the use of four ecological conceptual frameworks to help position the ELVET Programme:

  1. The concept of a multi-level nested ecological system that links micro activities to macro influences through intermediate layers of governance.
  2. A model of a London Low Skills Equilibrium that attempts to explain the inter-relationship of factors at different ecological levels that keep skill development within the Capital at lower levels than might be expected
  3. Whole system visions of London - moving from the current 'supernova/monocentric' model to a rebalanced 'polycentric' model for a New East that locally integrates a range of wider urban forces - employment, housing, transport and skills.
  4. A concept of a local High Progression and Skills Ecosystem (HPSE) that represents an aim of the ELVET Programme.

During the Programme, the research team will publish on a range of themes. Planned future publications will explore:

  • The development of effective and sustainable employer-education provider partnerships.
  • Apprenticeships and technical and vocational education.
  • The impact of Government policy on organisational structures and skills and workforce development capacity.
  • An end-of-project analysis regarding the salient features HPSEs, based on the evidence accumulated as a result of the research.