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New City College - Hackney

Our Innovation Project

Hackney's project is focusing on young people developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes to secure apprenticeships and employment in the digital sector. It aims to promote the building of effective partnerships between the college and various small- and medium-sized enterprises in the digital sector to facilitate this process, and at the same time to support capacity building within the partner companies.

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Anticipated Outcomes

The project aims to enable underserved young people under 24 to progress into Level 3 and degree apprenticeships focused on digital occupations and to support local industries to recruit from a wider talent pool that reflects the local community more accurately.

In doing this we anticipate that the project will support:

  • at least 100 students to take part in a college 'bootcamp'
  • at least three new flexible digital tech modules developed
  • 15 individuals complete the Degree Level Higher Apprenticeship training programme to enter the digital tech industry. 10 to go into work experience leading to sustainable jobs
  • 50+ employer/ industry experts trained as mentors and a programme of training published
  • at least 30 digital tech industry staff and 30 teachers/assessors identified and trained