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Barking & Dagenham College

Our Innovation Project

Barking and Dagenham College's project is focusing on building skills for those in employment in the health and social care sector.

The project aims to support the building of effective partnerships between the college and various small and medium sized enterprises in the care sector to upskill the workforce and, where and if appropriate, support the introduction of assistive technologies.

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Anticipated Outcomes

The project aims to identify assistive technologies based on service user requirements and enable staff to deliver relevant training to upskill their workforce.

In doing this we anticipate that the project will support:

  • 25 staff at Barking and Dagenham College trained in the use of the technology and the resources for the delivery package
  • 400 learners benefitting, with all study and apprenticeship delivery at Barking an Dagenham College to incorporate assistive technology unit
  • employee training set up in 20 external employer sites, with staff trained to deliver, supporting an increase in employee progression
  • an increase in skills and competencies of learners, to gain qualification